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Raised and based in New York City, Chloe Berry is a 23 year old indie pop artist who’s careful songwriting and dulcet vocals soundtrack the trials and tribulations of coming of age.


Chloe's artistic journey began as an intimate affair with words—she found solace in writing fan-fiction and poetry, using the written word as a vessel to navigate the complex emotions that defined her adolescence. After years of dealing with bullying and mental illness, at the age of 16, she took a leap of vulnerability and shared her original music with the world. The response was profound, as her friends resonated deeply with her songs. This was the catalyst that ignited Chloe's musical ambitions.


Soon after, Berry met her producer/partner Spoonuel and began recording fully imagined songs. Accompanying her poignant lyrics with upbeat, dynamic production, Chloe crafts songs that set her apart from her indie peers. Her music is a reflection of her authenticity—a blend of honesty and vulnerability that transforms the bitter moments of life into something sweet and resonant. 


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